Laggan Community Council has commissioned us to do a feasibility study for Active Travel around the village of Laggan in Strathspey - that's safe walking and cycling in everyday language, for the main purpose of getting from A to B. The focus is on people who live and work in the village, but any new facilities will be likely to benefit visitors too.

We are interested in finding out how people travel within the village so we can look at opportunities and demand for Active Travel. We’re not asking about longer journeys (e.g. to Newtonmore and beyond or towards Fort William) or trying to identify new recreation opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: this survey is anonymous. We will not collect identifying information and please do not include your name or contact details anywhere in your response. There is a separate form after this survey where you can be added to a list for keeping up to date with progress (and it won't be used for anything else!).

How frequently do you currently get around WITHIN the village by these methods?
Which part of the village do you live in?

map showing four zones within the village of laggan

Which are the priority areas in the village for you to reach by 'Active Travel'?

(score 1 for high priority through to 4 for low priority)

Is there anything that makes it difficult for you to travel within Laggan?
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please mark any issues or opportunities about walking and cycling you would like to raise.

Please drag the red marker (click / tap and hold to change its position) to a point on the map and type notes about that place in the box. You can add as many items as you like (click / tap    below to add another feature)

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